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Sales DisplaysExperience Proven - Maximum Sales from minimum use of counter space.

These attractive durable full color 8 1/2" x 11" Display Boards show examples (photos, not actual samples) of our Tags and Nameplates available to your customers. Tags pictured on the I.D. Tag Display can be quickly stamped in your shop on Automark or Imperial Metal Marking Typewriter or on our Numberall Numbering and Lettering Press. The Nameplate Display can be engraved on any pantograph or computer engraver.

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# TD Identification Tag Display
# PD Identification Nameplate Display

We want our displays to be yours. Our name does not appear on either display. They can work for you in your shop or they can be placed in gift, framing or card shops, office supply, sporting goods or hardware stores throughout your trade area on a commission basis to increase your sales.

Nameplate Starter Kit

Nameplate Starter Kit


Contains an assortment of Brass Nameplates, Key Tags, Luggage Tags and Aluminum Social Security Plates as shown above.

I.D. Tag Starter Kit

ID Tag Starter Kit


Contains an assortment of Pet, Medical, Child and Property I.D. Tags. Tags together with chains, bracelets and fittings as shown above.

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